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Tool Refurbishment Services


Polishing is an integral element of tool and die refurbishment. Properly polished tooling will last longer and deliver a better overall ROI by greatly extending the life of the tool. At Precise Polishing, we specialize in the refurbishment of molds and dies, and have geared our business specifically for the requirements of this application. We employ a staff of seasoned professionals who possess many years of industry experience and have at their disposal a variety of polishing tools. This combination of experience and capabilities allows us to provide polishing of the most complex and intricate tools and dies.

We can take heavily-used molds and bring them back to their original condition, removing all blemishes, scratches, and seamlessly blend weld and parting lines. From small molds with complex geometries and details to large-scale molds that require special handling, we’re equipped to handle any scenario. This flexibility carries into our volume capacity as well; whether you need a single prototype or a high volume order, we work with you to develop a schedule that meets all of your requirements.

We’ve worked on virtually every type of mold and die, in materials such as 7075 and T6 aluminum, tools like H-13, P-20, S7, and much more.

For more information or to learn how working with an industry specialist can take cost of your tool and die maintenance program, contact us directly.

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Tool Refurbishment Service Specifications

General Capabilities
Tool Refurbishment
  • Molds
  • Dies
Mold Types
Counter Pressure
Fully Automatic
Insulated Runners
Single & Multi-Cavity
SMC Compression
Structural Foam
Three Plate
7075 Aluminum
T6 Aluminum
Tool Steel
Production Volume
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
High Volume